Betamax - by Jasper Goat - dad and son finally meet up viewing some old tapes.

Betamax - by Jasper Goat - dad and son finally meet up viewing some old tapes.

Being Bishop's Bitch - by love2play - After drawing my first cock that is black desired more. Bishop brings along a number of their friends and I also find myself in cock paradise. (MM+/M, dental, anal, intr)

Bellboy - by Ann Douglas - Two guys on a small business journey get one of these their taste that is first of action. (MM/M-teen, prost, 1st-gay-expr, dental, anal)

Bending The directly Barman - by Anubis31 - a college that is straight works as a barman in a gay club, then realizes he is not so directly all things considered. (MM, 1st-gay-expr, dental, anal) component 2

Close friends - by Anon - Dan and Luke are a couple of 13 old best friends year. 1 day, Luke is unwell and Dan comes over to go to him, nonetheless it can become a little extra than simply your typical see. (mm-teens, youngsters, 1st-gay-expr, reluc, dental, anal, puke)

Most readily useful Of Both Worlds - by Anon - I have to possess my dessert, and consume it too. (MM, bi, dental, anal)

Betamax - by Jasper Goat - daddy and son finally meet up viewing some tapes that are old. A tale of the man that is young research of intercourse. I've changed all names that are recognisable places and have now switched some activities around to really make the story more readable, but most of the activities in this tale really took place. (MM, beasts, voy)

Beth & Julie - by The center Digit - buddies surviving in London explore every type of intercourse. (MMF, dom, bi, exh, orgy, ws, beast, bd)
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