Helpful Expressions for IELTS Writing Task Two

Helpful Expressions for IELTS Writing Task Two
December 23, 2018 By bw

This guide contains useful expressions for IELTS task that is writing. Make use of these expressions for introductions, human anatomy paragraphs, and sentences that are supporting. Copy and adjust them. This really is perfectly genuine, nonetheless, you absolutely must adjust the expressions to your essay subject!

Helpful Phrase 1 – best for introductions

This essay will analyse this issue utilising the examples from… …to demonstrate points and help arguments.

You will should provide you with the examples according to your specific subject. By way of example:

This essay will analyse this presssing problem utilising the examples from wartime nations and conflict zones to show points and help arguments.

This essay will analyse this problem utilizing the examples from Canada, Australia and Rwanda to show points and help arguments.

If you'd like further assistance with your introductions, take a look tutorial.

It really is undeniable that ___(insert problem from question)___ is certainly one of this many challenging dilemmas within the world that is western.

Helpful Phrase 2 – perfect for human body paragraphs (opinions)

Whenever inserting an opposing thought, in place of only using “However,” you should use:

Nonetheless, it will never be forgotten (that)…” and add the point that is opposing.

Useful Phrase 3 – best for human body paragraphs (examples)

Cite examples from research or studies made, with the expression,

“For instance, a current research by _________ showed…”

“There are studies being done on a international degree to uncover the supply of these crucial issues. One solution proposed by the _(insert worldwide organization)___ is to_________.”

As an example, a study that is recent the WTO (or U.K. federal federal government) showed… (then give you the information on the findings).Leggere di più